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Dusya, an adult male cat, was brought to our clinic late at night after his owner found him screaming out of pain in his garden. At clinical examination and after x-rays were taken, a multiple fracture of the femur diaphysis and tail dislocation were diagnosed. After confirming that the nerves affecting the bladder's and anus' [...]

Pig Castration

OINK OINK!!! We had a visit from a pet pig called Wilber. Wilber was rescued from a waste land in Paphos. Now he lives in a home with a family and many pet dogs. Wilber came in for a castration. He was very well behaved, he handled his general anaesthetic very well and went home [...]

Cruciate ligament rupture repair with MMP technique

Titch is a female staff, transferred to our clinic with lameness on the left hind leg. Clinical Examinations and X-rays confirmed our diagnosis of a CCL rupture. The choice of the MMP technique (Modified Maquet Technique) used as treatment was based on Titch’s size, age, and activity level. The MMP Technique is one of the [...]

Roza Accident (dyspnoea and disability to walk)

Roza is an 8-year old Pointer, which was hit by a reckless driver during one of her daily walks.  The accident left Rosa suffering from severe dyspnoea and disability to walk.  Her owner brought Rosa to our clinic for a second opinion. Our X-Rays showed multiple femur fractures and diaphragmatic hernia, which was a serious [...]


Emergency tel: 99 232023