Our Services

Our clinic is fully equipped to provide diagnostic and therapeutic veterinary care services for your pet’s health.  We treat a variety of health conditions, from pathology examinations and routine surgeries to the most complicated cases should require intensive attention.  With the digital X-Ray machine we manage high quality results for rapid diagnosis of any disability or bone disorder, which might need immediate care or even an emergency surgery.  Animal Health also provides hematological services, as blood can be regarded as the richest source of information about the body, using the latest veterinary technology equipment and professional microbiologists.  All kinds of health care requirements for your pet can be met in our clinic!  Whether it’s routine veterinary care you seek or surgery for your pet, our experienced doctors will be there for you. Our team can perform everything from simple vaccinations to various orthopedic surgeries, and everything in-between.


Digital X-Rays



Soft Tissue Surgeries

Orthopedic Surgeries





Pet Shop

24/7 Emergency Service

Laboratory (general blood test, biochemistry, T4, Cushings disease, Addissons disease, bile acids, phenobarbytal, fructosamine, urinary analysis)

Opthalmology pressure test (glaucoma)

Separated hospitalisation rooms for dogs and cats

Isolation room for infectious diseases