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Brachycephalic syndrome

Brachycephalic syndrome refers to elongated soft palate, stenotic nares and everted laryngeal saccules. It usually affects "short-headed" or brachycephalic dogs. These are the English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Pug, Pekinese and Boston Terrier. These breeds because of the shape of their head, muzzle and throat are often presented with noisy-difficult breathing. Other clinical signs can be exercise intolerance, bluish discolouration of the gums and occasional collapse. When the aforementioned clinical signs are seen on dogs, [...]


Russel came to our clinic as an emergency! He was hit by a car. Russel was in shock and in a lot of pain. His pelvis was broken, fracture of the ilium, and he could not stand. After stabilizing him, he went into surgery to repair the fracture, with a plate and screws. In the picture, it shows Russel's xrays before and after operation. [...]


Chakos presented at our clinic with a wound on his side that had been open for 2 months and was not healing and was very infected. At our clinic we treated the infection and we performed a SKIN FLAP. We did infra red pulse light therapy for a few days post surgery, to improve the circulation and healing . Chakos had complete healing after 14 days. He now enjoys swimming again in the sea [...]

External fixation

External fixation is a surgical procedure used to stabilize and set bones back into the correct position. In order to achieve this, the use of an external skeletal fixator is required. An external fixator is a device that consists of pins, which pass through the dog’s skin, underlying tissues and bone and keep fractured bones in place during the healing process. It is used primarily for complex fractures or fractures paired with an [...]

Subtotal Colectomy

Megacolon is a disease that generally occurs in middle-aged to older cats, but has also been seen in cats as young as three to four years old. It is usually caused by tumors, foreign bodies and hairballs blocking the colon. Subtotal colectomy is a surgical procedure indicated for cases of chronic constipation non-responsive to medical intervention. Although this procedure may involve removal of most of the colon, the anal sphincter will be [...]

Multiple fractures – Intramedullary nail

Intramedullary pin and plate is the process of inserting a metal rod into the medullary cavity of a bone, in order to treat fractures. Placing an intramedullary pin nail simplifies axial alignment of the major proximal and distal bone segments, which can be particularly difficult to accomplish when applying a bone plate. Uncomplicated union rates as high as 96% have been reported with interlocking nail stabilization, with up to 90% of [...]

Hip Displasia (Technique Femoral Head and Neck Excision)

The pet will be anesthetized and the entire limb and hip to be operated will be clipped. An incision is made over the hip region. The hip is exposed and the femoral head and neck is removed. The muscle, fat and skin layers are then closed. If deemed necessary, the femoral head is submitted to microscopic evaluation (histopathology) by a pathologist. After the surgery, fibrous tissue will form in the region of [...]

Fractures of the pelvis

Fractures of the pelvis are the most common fractures seen in dogs. These fractures are usually the result of major trauma. Generally, pelvic fractures cause acute, non-weight bearing lameness of the hind legs. These fractures are usually found in mature bones; young animals with trauma to the pelvis commonly will have other structures break before the pelvis. Because of the shape of the pelvis, box-like structure, these fractures normally occur in several locations at once [...]

Cranial Cruciate Ligament – CCL Lateral Suture System Technique

The cranial cruciate ligament (CrCL) is one of the most important stabilizers inside the canine knee (stifle) joint, the middle joint in the back leg. It serves many important purposes in the joint, such as shock absorption. Cranial cruciate ligament disease can affect dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages, but rarely cats. The recommended treatment is surgery and this is [...]


Mavri was found in the street, hit by a car, not able to stand on her left leg! A volunteer brought her to the clinic, clinical examination took place and we proceeded to x-rays. A Salter Harris type I fracture was confirmed on distal femur epiphysis. Surgery was the next step, placing 2 crossed pins at 40-45 ͦto the long axis of the femour to give leg the correct alignment. [...]


Dusya, an adult male cat, was brought to our clinic late at night after his owner found him screaming out of pain in his garden. At clinical examination and after x-rays were taken, a multiple fracture of the femur diaphysis and tail dislocation were diagnosed. After confirming that the nerves affecting the bladder's and anus' sphincters were not damaged due to the tail's dislocation, we proceeded to the surgery. Tail was amputated. About femur fracture, [...]

Pig Castration

OINK OINK!!! We had a visit from a pet pig called Wilber. Wilber was rescued from a waste land in Paphos. Now he lives in a home with a family and many pet dogs. Wilber came in for a castration. He was very well behaved, he handled his general anaesthetic very well and went home OINKING! We are looking forward to receiving his future photos! [...]

Dirofilaria (heartworm) is a disease that is transmitted by a mosquito.

Dirofilaria (heartworm) is a disease that is transmitted by a mosquito. Cyprus is theoretically free of this disease, so we were very shocked when we diagnosed heartworm in a young male dog (Blacky) which had no microchip, which means the dog is 'cypriot' and never travelled abroad to contract the disease. Dirofilaria is a zoonosis but is only transmitted by the presence of this mosquito. To confirm we looked for the 'worm' under the microscope. [...]

Cruciate ligament rupture repair with MMP technique

Titch is a female staff, transferred to our clinic with lameness on the left hind leg. Clinical Examinations and X-rays confirmed our diagnosis of a CCL rupture. The choice of the MMP technique (Modified Maquet Technique) used as treatment was based on Titch’s size, age, and activity level. The MMP Technique is one of the latest techniques used to repair damaged cruciate ligament without opening the joint. The recovery time is really short and animals [...]

Rover (fractures in 2 different parts of the right leg)

Rover was named due to the fact that he was found on the highway, ownerless and hit by a car. When they brought him to our clinic he was in shock and in terrible pain. X-Rays showed fractures in 2 different parts of the right leg (distal femur and proximal tibia) and dislocation of the left hip. The following day, Rover was subjected to surgical orthopedic surgery. The femoral fracture was repaired with the use [...]

Roza Accident (dyspnoea and disability to walk)

Roza is an 8-year old Pointer, which was hit by a reckless driver during one of her daily walks.  The accident left Rosa suffering from severe dyspnoea and disability to walk.  Her owner brought Rosa to our clinic for a second opinion. Our X-Rays showed multiple femur fractures and diaphragmatic hernia, which was a serious threat to Rosa’s life.  To start with, we cured the diaphragmatic hernia and two days later we proceeded with the [...]


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